Thursday, November 5, 2015

Star Wars fashion

You will notice guys that i like doing this stuff very much,finding a way to dress up as character but not look like i am wearing a mask...that's jujst my thing ,and i hope you like it :D

When i was thinking of Darth,my first tought was this cape trench,and then all black ensamble...but then i tought have how grate would baroq patern's go with his  personality for some way,so why not...

For Luke it was easy,i picked white folded dress,added a black belt,and picked beige trench because the dress was lacking the sleeves. I didnt choose light colore for shoes,because i tought this one would go better.

Leia was a tough cookie,i was thinking of her two famous looks - the maxi white dress with long sleeves and the sexy censamble we can see,i picked this one because it was a challange - how to make it look wearable? I picked golden crop top and maxi bordo skirt,and golden strapy sandals and nice golden cluch

Han was easy -  i picked nice tight mixed texture pants,knee high leather boots,beighe jumper and leather vest,added orange bag to match the stripe on his original pants ;)

Obi's combo looks most chic if you ask me,and honestly i would rock this. Picked a darker shade of dress than his because i really liked the shape of it,nice brown trench,brown leather boots and brown bag...i like this one very much.

At first i didn't know with what i will end up with Yoda's style,but i like what i got. Din't want to go for full maxi dress here,i picked the much shorter one than the one Yoda is wearing. Nice white trench and shoes that match the colore of his original dress perfectly,then i added splash of green that would match his skin on a hat and a bag,i chose a hat because i wanted it to represent his head :P

I was thinking that i am going to go crazy with fur with chewie's style,but nah. I chose nice gray fringe sweater to represent the gray areas on his fur,and then i found perfect fur coat wich dosent look way too glamorous and pamperd. Furry bag and nice folded leather boots !

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