Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fashion Industry : Designer

Fashion designer job is ,next to model one,  most appealing job in fashion industry,and i would say it is positioned in first place of all Fashion industry jobs,because it's one of the most creative ones next to photographer.
Many public figures eventualy end up in this section of fashion - some of the well known actors,singers and ofcourse models have become designer's themselfs.

What is it that you should know about Designer's job?

A fashion designer, also sometimes known as an accessory designer or a clothing designer (depending on the type of product), designs new accessories and/or garments. Designers are responsible for analyzing the accessories and garments in the stores of other major designers, at fashion shows, and in fashion magazines so that they can use this information to plan out new accessories and garments that may be popular in the near future based on current trends. Fashion designers create design samples with or without the aid of a sewer; discuss their ideas with clients, fashion marketers, managers, and/or other designers to determine if the idea actually makes sense or not; discuss their ideas with textile companies to determine which materials should be used; draw new designs for accessories and garments; provide advice to sketching assistants and pattern makers regarding the appropriate way to create, break down, or assemble a design; use design samples and models to look for problems in the design and make the appropriate alterations; and use models to present their designs in fashion shows and other similar locations.

A fashion designer typically earns between $40,000 and $90,000 a year, but may make under $30,000 a year if just starting out or over $125,000 a year if very well-known and with years of experience in the fashion industry. The amount that a fashion designer earns is also based on his or her employer and skills. A designer may be able to make significantly more than usual if he or she works for a major fashion design company and/or has a strong design portfolio. Most fashion designers will make more in a fashion design firm than they will if they are self-employed.

Specific requirements for becoming a fashion designer vary from client to client and company to company. Most clients and companies require that you have a high school diploma or a General Educational Development (GED) credential, an associate's degree or a bachelor's degree in fashion design, and a portfolio with some of the previous accessories and/or garments that you have designed. Some clients and companies may also require or prefer that you have an associate's or bachelor's degree in marketing or fashion merchandising and/or some experience in the fashion industry (typically more than a year of experience as a custom seamstress or tailor, fashion assistant, fashion design intern, fashion salesperson, pattern maker, personal stylist, or sketching assistant).

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