Friday, November 6, 2015

Model hair obsession : Antonina Petkovic and Mica Arganaraz

Antonina (left) and Mica (right) 

Antonina Petkovic is one of the first models who rocked this interesting hair style,i noticed her because of uniqueness she had. Rebelious but still inocent air that her pictures and video's show bough't.
Shaggy nape-grazing bob chik made us all go back to 80's and early 90's. 
Now i started seeing this hairstyle appear more and more on various models,most famous one is Antoninas lookalike Mica  Arganaraz,who is gracing various magazine cover's and walking some of the best shows. Antonina brought the shaggy little rebel girl hair style back big time - pitty not all of us can pull it of as Antonina and Mica 

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