Monday, November 9, 2015

Shoe's everyone should have in their closet... matter what their material status is.

1. Knee high boots
This year they are THE trend,but no matter what is trending some other years,you must have knee high boot's in your closet,atleast one classic pair of them,it dosen't matter if they have high heel or if they are flat.

2. Wellington boots 
Listen girl's,we must look good even when it is pouring rain,and the best way to achive that in those weather conditions is to have Wellington boot's by our side! They come in various sizes and shapes,designs and so on,so anyone can find their perfect pair of Wellies!

3. Cowboy boots
One of my favorite's i must be honest - are simply edge giver to any combination- in whatever way you wear them,you will look sassy. Cowboy boot's come in all shapes and sizes and you can find them in more modern or rustic looking styles,either way they are a must have.

4. Uggs
Some love them,some hate them,but they are a must on my list because of their incredible comfort and ...i mean,have you seen all of the designs they come in? Yeah,they can either be cute,or punky,either way they are heaven for our feet.

5. Timberland's
Ok ,not only that they are super comfy,super trendy and super cool,but they are super water resistant and in them you can walk on sleek snow,gotta have themmm
Most popular colore is their original oker one,but i love,love,love this green ones

6. chelsea boots
Victorian era classy shoe's everyone should own - male and female! 
close-fitting, ankle-high boots with an elastic side panel - mostly in black leather but can be find in brown and beige - they will add a dose of coolnes to any combination

7. Monk's
Now this are formal shoes from men's category,but we all know how popular it became in women fashion to make men shoes for women. They have no lacing, and are closed by a buckle and strap - they are considered as one of the most advanced formal shoes.

8. Loafer's
If you don't have this babies - what are you waiting for girl!? Loafer's are slip on shoes styled in mocasine way, they are casual shoes,but have become so popular and styled that people started wearing them for more formal and buisnissy occasions.

9. Converse 
Do i even have to start on how cool and yet fancy they can look,have you not seen them all around you in every imaginable fashion combination? Evry sub culture found a way to wear converse the way it suit's them,so will you.

10. Oxford
Ah,the formal classy shoes , why do i even have to tell you that you must have them? Everyone who thinks of himself as #fashionista or atleast person with some kind of style,should have Oxford's.

11. Cone heel shoes
Cone heel will add an element of pure sopisthication to any combination you make.

12. Platform and peep toe shoes
i will put this two together - they are fun,youthfull and just very comfortable even though many would not belive the last.

13. Stilletos
Everyone need's a high thin heel classy shoes 

14. Gladiator's
No matter if you pick ankle high one's or the one's that go under the knee,you will not go wrong 

15. Ballerina flat's
they speak for themselfs

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