Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Game of Thrones fashion inspiration

Listen guys,i am big fan of Game of Thrones,and sometimes when i have my fan girl moments i wish to become some of the characters - but as a Fashionista i have to think of looking less like a character based in fantasy middle ages and more like a westeroseie of the future - now,with some of the character fashion you would look modern even in clothes of their ''time'' but.... honestly,dont dress up as Hound or any male character...or Osha and Arya,just dont copy them completly because they dress very ... well not everyone can pull out those clothes!

Here are some of mine fashion addaptations of those characters

Gothic godess of winter,the crow queen! Gotta love all black ansambles hat we can see Jon Snow sporting,with a dash of fur or in our case long black  feathers on our shoulders to mimick his fashion on the wall! Honestly guys,this dress would rock on a new years eve ball.

But wait,what if we want to channel our inner wildling?
Well that is easy
Just go for gray fur and add dash of military print and colores to emphasise the soldier vibe you are going for - and just for the love of Jon,dont forget to put some arrows on you ;)

- Now if you want to channel your inner mother of dragons,the safest pick is to go for drappy light blue dresses,wich will carese your skin and cool it down (because,you know,most of her time she spends in deaserts) some cool strapy sandals copper colored. Ofcourse what kind of mother of dragons would you be without your babies? Find yourself some dragon accesories!

- Do you want to be the lost puppy of Westeros,also known as Sansa Stark? Yeah,we all do...not really...but she has some awsome potential,right? She has some famous dresses from Kings landing ,but i love Sansa in  North themed clothes,and not as little bird but  as smart wolfie. So because of that i chose nice gray weisted dress,(to show off those child bearing hips ,right) and nice fur coat! Add some details of wolf themed accesories,and you are the princess herself!

- The queen herself,we all want to look like her,have her hair and steal her fashion stylist from her chambers (poor fella must be frightened whenever he hears her sipping her wine from the other side of castle)
Channel Cersei by going extravagant,by being bold and by wearing GOLD. Lot's of golden details,on flowy dresses,shoes,bracelets,hair,throw the gold all around. I went with a mixture of Roman Egyptian style,geometry meets lion head - we must emphasise  the house symbol.

- Now who want's to be the cute,smart,sexy princess of roses? We all do . To channel our inner Margerrie i picked nice folded blue dress,wich would emphasise all the curves a woman  has,lot's of roses on our jewlery and nice strapy heels,brown colore to add some earthy feel to it all.

- The rebelious Stark,the wild wolf,all we need to have is colores of a soldier to be this vindictive
 little teen girl. Go for military jeans, combat boots,lots of wolf dark silver accesories,and layer a short sweater over a gray top to add to effect of trying to survive in the woods,theme.

- Now for you to look like modern Mel,is to find yourself nice,long,fitted blood red dress,pich heels of same colore and add a nice gem around your neck of red or orange colore - and enjoy flaming those hearts around you
 and ofcourse,find yourself some dragon accesories- a mother of dragons without her babies? No w

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