Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Model tells you the truth behind her instagram photos

model Essena O’Neill

When we are looking at instagram photos of famous models or even semi famous one's,who look like they are Pandora herself, made as perfect woman by gods,dressed by best designers -  we tend to be captivated by what we see,but at the same time feel little bad about our own looks that might not be bad,but are most often  not as good as the ones we are seeing on those girls,atleast on pictures - we pep talk to our fragile ego's.

18 year old model Essena O’Neill ,who is popular instagram model ,brakes down and starts posting the truth behind her photos - she confesses about in what state was really her skin on photo where she looks like a porcelain doll,and how much effort she put in taking perfect picture of herself just to make her stomack look nice and flat,she posts the truth about the fact that some of the clothes she wore she was paid to do so,and that she didnt really like wearing them .

I must say that i felt very good after i was reading her comments underneath her pictures,not because i am glad that such a beautifle girl has flaws,but because finally someone was honest about the way they feel about their looks under all that perfection that we see constantly online .

18-year-old internet sensation Essena O’Neill had been making thousands of dollars modeling on Instagram and sharing her pictures with almost 580,000 followers, but all that changed last week. The Australian deleted 2,000 photos from her account and changed the name to “Social Media Is Not Real Life.” She has since re-captioned many of the remaining photos to reveal the “truth” behind them, and launched a new website, “Let’s Be Game Changers.”
“Without realising, I’ve spent the majority of my teenage life being addicted to social media, social approval, social status and my physical appearance,” O’Neill wrote in an October 27th Instagram post. “Social media, especially how I used it, isn’t real. It’s a system based on social approval, likes, validation in views, success in followers. It’s perfectly orchestrated, self-absorbed judgement.”

She broke down and re-captioned her Instagram photos to reveal the truth behind her photos

She was spending 50+ hours per week curating her social media persona – “I was miserable. Stuck. Uninspired. Angry”

“I didn’t enjoy the act of creating art, writing or any forms of self expression like I once did as a child”

Now,i know some of you might say ''what is she complaining about,she was doing what she liked and was paied big money to do so'' - but just remember that this girl just shouted out that what you mostly see on internet is not real world because she felt like she was lying to all those people who envied her on the life she has,just because she has good body,nice smile,perfect skin and nice clothes,but in reality she felt empty and she wanted you to know that you should not envy a picture of a person posted online with a caption ''yes this is my life and i love it''when in reality it's just a marketing .

Now this is a fashion blog that i have,and i was just posting about fashion industry and what are some of it's segments - in 21'st century a big segment of fashion industry is internet and promotion of fashion over social media,wich is fine ,wich is great for the industry - we all here love clothese,artistic side of fashion,freedom of expresion that we have through it,but i think that it is also immportant to mention that you should only do things if they make you happy,and dont bum you down - like eventually it did bum down this girl - be yourself with fashion,and fashion will be revarding.

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