Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fashion DO's and DON'Ts for + size girls!

Now,i will start this post by saying that i am not official member of this club,although designers and fashion agencies would disagree,my weight is normal for my height and so on,but i did and i do have my own fight with weight issues and body image disortion - i will just say that i do not have model body,but i am not as fluffy as some other girls are. My sister was allways bit wider than i ,and by her experience i know what can look really stunning on a fuller ,rounder girls,belive me - i am her official stylist ;)

I made some fashion combination's for you girls,but first i will show you examples of thing's that you should NOT EVER WEAR  and after that will show you examples of thing's you should!


1. forget about wide and shapeless clothes,and forget about tiny patterns,just be done with those ideas!
2. Horizontal stripes are a ''no,no'',but you probably know that,don't you ?

3.  Avoid Details,i know that they can look super cute and they might be trendy,but details can make you look bigger than you are! So, avoid clothes and jeans with studs, embroidery or anything else

4. Wide pants anre not your friend's,they might be comfy,but they make you look bad,they make you look fuller and sloppy.


Now,for this i will not make i list,i will show you on examples - Body hugging clothes -  i know bunch of people told you not to wear clothes that are following the line of your body,but they know nothing! Pick clothes of good materials,and pick the right size and wear a some sort of corset 
underneath (no,not the crazy wiered one xD ) and you will look stunning
Peplum dresses and shirts will look perfect on you,they will put accent on your upper body,and hide the tummy. Wear layered clothes,and let the jacket be shorter,a-line and straight shirts and dresses are your friends!

What with the pants?

Well go tight up and you can wear widdeer bottoms,but i like seeing nicely shaped legs no matter how big they are,so feel free to wear tight bottom's too.

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