Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fashion Industry : Salesperson

Time to find out what is salesperson's  job in fashion industry - we dont think first about them when we think of industry,but they are immportant part of it! Good salesperson is a must in any fashion company.

A fashion salesperson sells garments and accessories to retailers or consumers. Salespeople are responsible for convincing a retailer or consumer to buy the products that an individual or a company designs. Fashion salespeople assess the needs of each consumer or retailer to determine the accessories or garments that best meet those needs; contact customers to discuss some of the new designs that they may be interested in; discuss payment and delivery options; explain the qualities of the various garments or accessories that are available for sale; fill out order forms for standard orders and special orders; help consumers try on accessories and garments; invite retailers to fashion shows so that they can get a better idea of how the garment will look on an actual person; provide information about the price of each accessory or garment; ring up transactions and record purchase information; and send and hand out advertisements, catalogs, fabric samples, and photographs.

A fashion salesperson typically earns between $17,000 and $45,000 a year, but may make under $15,000 a year if he or she works in a retail location in which it is relatively difficult to sell the store's accessories and garments, or as much as $105,000 a year if he or she works for a large fashion design firm. The amount that a salesperson earns is also based on his or her experience and clientele. A fashion salesperson may be able to make significantly more than usual with a lot of experience in the sales field, a large number of clients, a number of well-known clients, and/or a number of clients that make large purchases. Fashion salespeople typically make a sizable portion of their income from the money that they make on commission (a portion of the money from the purchase) or the bonuses that they receive for reaching a certain sales quota.

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