Sunday, November 1, 2015

Daily Trend : A-line dress

1958 trapeze dress designed by Yves St Laurent for Dior

A-line dresses are most flattering shape of dresses for most women body shapes,they have range of designs so you can incorporate it in your style however you wish.
There is no designer who had not made his a-line dress atleast once in his life.

 A dress or skirt silhouette that is narrower at the top, flaring gently wider toward the bottom thereby resembling the letter A. Works well on most figure types; good for disguising bottom-heavy figures.

The term was first used by the French couture designer Christian Dior as the label for his collection of spring 1955.[2] The A-Line collection's feature item, then the "most wanted silhouette in Paris", was a "fingertip-length flared jacket worn over a dress with a very full, pleated skirt".

The length of an A-line skirt varies, between mini- and below-knee-length.

When referring to dresses and coats, the term A-line generally means fitted from the shoulders to the hips and then widening to the hem, but it is also sometimes used to mean widening from the shoulders to the hem, ignoring the waist and hips.

It is often used to describe a popular style of wedding dress, which is fitted above and around the hips but flares gently to the hem, giving a streamlined and quite slim look

So ,to conclude -  what is a-line dress?  It's a dress that is fitted in the waist,or little bit higher,and then gradualy gets wider at the bottom 

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