Friday, November 6, 2015

Daily trend : ''Bunny'' accessories

I don't know if you have noticed,but fluff is in the air on our trend list :3

Today i am going to present you one of accessorie trend's that i really like - It's fluffy or how i like to call it Bunny ,accessories!

Every single designer this season has put this little fluff in their collections,either on their clothes or bags and shoes!

Fendi's 'Karlito',might be the most famous bunny

Fendi was really into it when they made their Crystal Eyed Fur Monster Handbag Charm's

And Fendi even made a video about them !

they call them bug's and monsters,i call them bunny's :3

Fendi's monster bag bug's are bit pricey,so you might choose some alternative fluff for your bag or key's

You can choose some less expensive,as Shrimps Lenny faux fur and leather keychain's,wich were around $75,still quite expensive,but not as  'Karlito' xD

this one is from Maximillian,wich costs around 99$

Nordstrom is bit expensive for most of us - 850$

Then again,you can ind this key chains everywhere this days for much smaller price,they may not be as charming as Karlito,but...watcha gonna do?

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