Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bra sizes

In the light of my previous post wich was about the history of bra ,on wich, belive it or not i have worked this whole day - (you got to find out about thing you want to write,you have to find good literature and try to say it with your own words,you have to find pictures to make text more alive and so on,and so on.) -  i have decided to  try to hellp some of you who might not yet get the whole bra size thing with letters and numbers and all that goes with here we go

First you have to learn what does number and letter on the etiquet of our bra mean - disclaimer,some bra makers use S(small), L(large) , (XL) extra large... markings also ,but those are easier to grasp,right?

How do we figure out the bra size that we need and what all that just simply means?

 Measure yourself! Measure the obim of your cheasts  first  - start from the bottom (just benith your breasts) of your chest and go around your back.
Number in CM's you get in cm has its corresponding  bra size

So if you are  68-72 cm wide in chest area you can find your bra size in bra size chart  wich can differ from continent to continent ,so if you are online shoping find a bra size chart online for the country you are buying from ! But for example lets take European size chart in wich with our hypotethical  cm (68-72)  we previously measured your Cheast size  would correspond with bra size number 70!

Now measure your cup size - that means to measure from the tip of your breast around your back 

The number you get,also know as the breast size  minus the number of your cheast size equals the number of your cup!  

So for example your cheast size is 58 and your breast size is ideal 68 - you do the math 60-58= 10 then covert those 10 cm in inches (ah dont panic if  you were bad at math, you can  find cm to inches convertor online,here ) 
Under 1 inch: the right cup size is AA
inch: the right cup size is A
inches: the right cup size is B
inches: the right cup size is C
inches: the right cup size is D
inches: the right cup size is DD (or E)
inches: the right cup size is DDD (or F)
inches: the right cup size is DDDD (or G)

Soooo,you end up being 58C

You see how easy it is?

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