Saturday, December 26, 2015

Dress as Disney princess pt 3

The last round of our little Disney styling game is ON - you can see previous 2 here : Dress as Disney princess      and Dress as Disney princess pt 2

So in this post we are going to dress up newest Disney princesses - and i am going to pick my fave on out of them for first combination....and that issss Merida
Merida is easy - all i have to have in mind that she wears a dress and want to look tomboyish
For her undershirt i picked nice beige cashmere lace sweater,to emphasise her feminine side wich she is imposed to,then i chose a dress of greenish blue colour with interesting pattern that reminded me of patterns that would have been worn in Middle Ages,from time our friend Merida comes from - combined with Sweater and calf high brown boots  it ends up looking kind of super cool and - tomboyish a bit . Added a bear accesorie just for fun ;)

Next princess i picked was Anna! 
She has colour combo i that is quite trendy .
I picked black turtleneck sweater for her under layer and i decided to have some fun with nice medium violet red   wool  origami skirt (khm,khm it's Versace) and i reversed colours of her cape and skirt,so cape ended up being purple  and skirt was well,as i stated  - medium violet red . 
For her boots i picked lace up ankle booties - they are super cute i know . And then i realized that i needed to add to this combination some character ,most of the clothes had no northern vibe,and Anna has a lot of northern detail on here clothes....i decided to find a bag with such amblem,it was hard,but i managed to find nice brown embroidered passport crossbody bag- wich worked out quite fine.
Oh yeah,and i almost forgot super cute snow bracelet!

I was over Erendale's fashion for a momment,next princess style i decided to combine  in modern clothes was Tiana from ''Princess and the frog ''
Her outfit i liked the best was her yellow sassy dress.
It was not hard to combine,it looks fairly modern and it is minimalistic style,gotta love it.
I found the perfect dress for her - Fendi two-tone cotton-crepe and silk-crepe mini dress!
I am sure she wore flats in that scene,BUT i wanted to make her more urban looking so i picked nice brown ankle booties and matching bag . For accesorie i picked ''New Orleans mother- of - pearl watch '' she is a buisniss lady that has to know her time.

And at last it was Elzas turn to get her 21c fashion combination . 
All i knew when i started was that i am going to dress her up for a new years eve party! I was def going for a short dress,i wanted to take her out of her full leinght one, at any price,and i found perfect alternative to it . I decided to go for simple shoes,so i chose ''Jimmy Choo 'Anouk' pumps ''  that are nice and simple and look cold enough,also i decided to go for a clutch of same colour,but of straight edges ,to contrast the flowyness of her dress -Two sides of Elza.  We know that cold hasnt bothered Elza,but i think it would bother the person who would dare to pick this combo for winter times,so i added a nice white classic blazer on top of it.

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