Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fashion Industry : Photographer

Photographers are big part of Fashion industry,they are the ones who are finalizing the process by creative presentation of finished product in interesting settings and interesting way... see what their job description is bellow

A fashion photographer, takes pictures of the garments and/or accessories that an individual or company designs, as well as pictures of the models wearing those garments and accessories. Fashion photographers are responsible for making sure that each photograph shows the garment, accessory, and/or model in the best possible way. Fashion photographers adjust the lighting of the room and camera settings; create portfolios that contain the best pictures of each accessory, garment, or model; explain how models should pose for pictures; store electronic or physical copies of each picture; test cameras to make sure that they are in working order prior to each photo shoot; use backdrops, digital cameras, film cameras, tripods, and other similar equipment to take pictures; and use computers to review and edit each picture so that each accessory, garment, and model looks as good as possible.

A fashion photographer typically earns between $20,000 and $45,000 a year, but some may make more or less depending on their experience and the employer. A photographer may make as little as $16,000 a year if he or she is just starting out and is self-employed, or as much as $65,000 a year if experienced and employed by a large commercial photography firm. The amount earned is also based on the photographer’s reputation and his or her skill with a camera. A fashion photographer may be able to make significantly more than a typical photographer if he or she is well-known and has a portfolio that shows a significant amount of skill. Self-employed photographers are typically required to pay for the backdrops, cameras, computers, lighting equipment, and software, while a photographer working for a commercial photography firm is typically not required to pay for these expenses.

Specific requirements for becoming a fashion photographer vary. For self-employed photographers, most clients require that you have a portfolio that demonstrates your camera skills and that you show proof of technical skills (sometimes including proof of photography courses taken at a technical school or college). A commercial photography firm, on the other hand, will typically require that you have a bachelor's degree in photography and/or fashion design. Some clients and commercial photography firms will also require you to show that you have obtained some experience in the field as a photography assistant or intern.

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