Sunday, April 19, 2015

Summer 2015 must have's






Black and White



Bell pants - once again

Two years ago i "predicted" bell pants come back - it took time for them to drag themselfs to the stage they once occupied,but with steady pace they are coming and becoming more and more popular around the world.

My inbox is full of questions "how to wear them?" - i did once answerd this question ,but it does not hurt to give advice again!
Yes,they are hard to combine - but with a little imagination and nose for style - i will once again show you !

how to wear stripes - my way

With interesting and fun prints to look fresh but still very trendy

With dashof red you look like atrue lady!

For those days when you want to dress simple but efective!

Sporty kinf of days,when you just run around!

And when you want to be elegant but daring and sexy!

For theclassy town run or simple girlfriend afternoon!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

spring "to wear" list

So lets do "spring trend" list for this year lovelies :D

1. annual floral brakethrough

It dosent matter if it is whole patterned outfit or just one little rose detail,or just full 3d flower!
Be not afraid to wear flowers on sports wear aswell 

2. Fringe

From tops to bottoms,all the way to our bags and shoes,this spring it's fringe mania

3. Gladiators - did they ever like stoped being trendy?
Ok ,the trendiest of this trend is knee high ones,but dont worry if you are free of those,the low ones will just perfectly do.

4. white lace

Inocent and bohemian looking at the same time

5. Gingham

This one is new this year, nicely shape squares in blue or red colores,make you look cool but ladylike

6. Evening flats