Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fashion Industry : Stylist

It seems as a  very fun job - you are allways sorounded by beautifle and trendy clothes,with posh people who will pay you to dress them up , you will go to glamorous events and just live THE life - but is it realy like that,and how can you become stylist? You will find out here about one of the most popular jobs in fashion industry .

A stylist uses styling techniques and makeup to improve the overall appearance of an actor, model, or other client. These individuals are responsible for making sure that their clients look their best before they step in front of a camera or a crowd. Stylists assess the overall appearance and needs of each client to determine which styling techniques and/or makeup will help the client achieve the desired look; provide advice to clients about the makeup that they should use and/or the garments or accessories that they should wear (especially when trying to emphasize the qualities of a new design).

A stylist typically earns between $25,000 and $40,000 a year, but some may make under $16,000 a year if just starting out and having a limited client base, or as much as a $100,000 a year if having a lot of experience and a large number of well-known clients. The amount that a stylist earns is also based on his or her employer, skills, and reputation. A stylist may be able to make significantly more than usual if he or she works for a major model or celebrity, has a degree in styling and/or fashion design, and is relatively well-known throughout the fashion industry. There are two main types of stylists: makeup artists and personal stylists. A makeup artist specializes in the application of makeup, and a personal stylist specializes in improving an individual's image through accessories, clothing, hair styling, and/or makeup. A makeup artist should expect to earn less than a personal stylist because the former is usually only familiar with makeup techniques.

Specific requirements for becoming a stylist vary drastically. Most clients and companies require that you have a high school diploma or a General Educational Development (GED) credential, an associate's degree or a bachelor's degree in styling and/or fashion design, a portfolio that shows before-and-after pictures of some of your previous work, and some experience in the styling field (typically more than a year of experience as a fashion assistant, a personal styling apprentice, or a styling intern). You may also need a license to practice styling in some states. However, the main qualification is talent. A high school dropout who can make models look dazzling will never lack for work.

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