Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fall/Winter 2017 shoe trend

I know you guys are so waiting on my trend patrol posts, but I am so busy these days. I made some room in my schedule just for this blog post because I know I owe it to you.

In this blog post, we will go through the trendiest shoes for the season we are in! It is fall and I know you are all excited to go and equip yourself for the new season, I have done my shopping last few weeks, I only need one thing more from my list... ok lets begin.

1. Shine bright

I know, this is not a legit name for a shoe style, but what could i name this trend, when it doesn't really have a name. This season it is all about the shoe that shines and can be seen from miles away! Everyone who is anyone has worn them. Celebrities, as expected could not resist them.

2. Mid Heel

When it comes to heel sizes this one is really convenient. No matter the occasion with the mid heel this season you can not go wrong! The best part is, you can find them everywhere. All our fave designers have a line with them and all are affordable shops as well.

3. Over The Knee Boots

They had their moment and you thought they are going to go away that quickly? Well no, they are too convenient for the season for their time to be so short. I mean come on, they keep you warm and make you look supper classy!

4. Timberlands

They took a break and now are back in all the colors of the rainbow you can imagine. Timberlands are a must for the season. Warm, convenient and make any outfit look effortlessly cool.

5. Leather Ankle Boots

Leather Ankle Boots are every fashionistas must at this point. This season classical looking ones are the trendiest and with a slight heel as a plus.

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