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Horoscope signs and fashion

First i have to make a disclaimer as someone who really knows a lot about astrology that you should look at you ascendant and your moon to get complete picture of your real star style,but if you dont know where your moon and ascendant are (in wich sign) it's totaly ok to base your opinion just on your sun sign,because that is our ego planet,and the sign our sun lays in is what we are showing to the world willingly. (if you would like to find out where the rest of your planets are,you can make your chart here )

So every sign in zodiac has specific behavioural,emotional patterns also known as characteristics,and those characteristics can and will be reflected on fashion of those signs,belive me,they will be reflected on every aspect of ones life,but fashion is their first victim,because our personal style is one of our first ways of telling to the world around us who we are,what do we value,what our emotional and mental state is. So let's just find out what each sign is most comfortable in,and in what kind of clothes the chances are we will often  find them in!

Mustafa Soydan’s Zodiac Illustrations 

1. Aries

Aries is fiery ,athletic,masculine - Aries woman is Amazon,she is fierce,and ready to make sure the world listenes to what she has to tell ...or show,she is more physical than anyhing !

Aries rules over head,so Aries woman will like wearing hats,and head peaces of any kind - aries need her head gear.

They are not attention seekers,they are attention GRABERS! They wear clothes that people around them will 100% notice

Aries will look well in tight and fluorescent colours,do not have any doubt in that.
Severe points in stilettos shoes or sharp angles to tailored clothes,this things dont seem attention grabing to you? Well they dont have to be so,Aries will make them look out of this word-ly.

2. Taurus 

Taurus is the spring child,they are earthy sing who will look more than perfect in earthy tones,and in floral print - you just have to have floral printed something in your dresses,you have to,you are the earth.

2. Gemini

Ah the versitile child of the horoscope,the spark of life! Because Geminis are quite changable they might not have only one style,they might one day be all tomboyish and the next day look like epithome of femeninity! Some are prone to androgenous styles.
They are fast,childlike,flirty sign who can pull of glitter and shimmer like no other - wearing it they will not look pretentious but like fairies who just came from fantasy land far,far away.
umm and yes...white halter dresses please for this babes

4. Cancer

The care giver,emotional tender,this star sign is the nurturer of the horoscope. I bet most cancers think that the best accesorie for them would be a babie to carrie around like a cute little clutch ! Ok Cancers,calm down,babies are not relly accesorie . Cancers are soft and mooshy on the outside,but have such strainght on the inside,and  thats the way they dress,soft but sharp at the same time,they will maybe prefer light colores,but will choose harsher textures,or just throw some similar mix of contrasts. 

5.  Leo

Move you mice,the queen has arrived! The glamorouse,the bold,the loud,attention seeker.
Leo works animal print the best out of all signs,they look like they are really born with those stripes and spots! Orange,brown and yellow look more than good on them,they look great! 

6. Virgo

Analitical sign will enjoy patterns...geometrical ones! Pinstripes, polka dots, paisley – you name it, they can pull it off with such style. As rulers of tiny detail and master of the meticulous, it’s often small, delicate prints that win out over loud pattern.
7. Libra

The signt that really understands and enjoys fashion - femenine,glamourous....they look perfect in asymetrical clothes,and draper dresses!The key for this zodiac sign is to keep it classy, leave the flamenco flounce for Leo!

8. Scorpio

Sexy scorpio preferes it dark and bloody red - can you imagine a scorpio in cotton candy colore and a puff dres....our scorpio readers just went to vomit somwhere,they will be back 
As the private investigator of the zodiac, Scorpio likes to go undercover and remain unnoticed the majority of the time.
Like the Scorpion that reps their sign, they’ll often be lurking, concealed in the shadows, needing to shroud themselves in a cloak of mystery.
Pointed stiletto optional, to aide their sting!

9. Saggitarius
Sporty chic is what works best on them,they are allwasy on the move,physically or mentally - nope,you cant catch them.

Those born under Sagittarius can pull of a sophisticated look but they suit sportswear so much more… Whether it’s luxe or simply for lounging, tracksuits and hoodies, jackets and joggers tick the box for those born under the Archer.

10. Capricorn

Traditional,workoholic sign that looks best in tailored suits and olive colore! They like classic and high quality clothes.

Keep it conservative

11. Aquarius 

Ah the eccentric of the wheel,you never know wha is on their mind! 
As an Aquarius beauty, your style can be zany. Of all the zodiac signs it’s you that gets away with trends that really push the boundaries. Express yourself through extreme, even rebellious fashion and beauty. You’re an exciting example to us all!
Aquarius can be too busy speaking out
You like to surprise, so shock them just a little more by busting out an eccentric style. Advice for Aquarius? Dare to be out there! It’s where you belong…

12. Pisces

Sensual dreamer looks best in blues and grays,flowy clothes and with girly bows. They will rock mermaid gowns....just saying

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