Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wear your straw bag this summer

Straw bags are often associated with summer - they are easy to wear ,you can fit in them anything you need for this hot and sunny days, and simply put they are just so practical.

Problem many have with straw bags is that they dont really know how to properly combine them - straw bags are obviously made of straw and are often either in simple design or simple color pallet - take a look at how you can wear them and allways look trendy!

As you can and will see next,straw bags and their various shapes and colors can besimply perfectly combined with jumpsuits and high heels - who said you can only wear them to the beach,huh? This combination would be perfect for a night stroll down town .

Straw bags dont only come in that big shape,they can be small and cute too,add a little leather and they becom edgy and modern .

Femininity is just a reach away - pastel colors just work perfectly well with natural color straw bags - a bow o ribbon adds them a ladylike twist no one could resist.

You can be playfull yet feminine just like your straw bag - little color and text welcoming summer and you are ready to go and enchant the world.

Straw bags come in various shapes and you can find one that universaly works for you or pick an interesting one and play with it - combining black and pastel,feminine and urban  is just so fun.

But dont be afraid to pick some bold colors - and heck,combine the straw bag with more than one trend for this summer and you will be rocking it.

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