Saturday, June 18, 2016

your booty type

There is no a human that has no ass - it might seem like one is lacking his butt but that is immposible isnt it.

Derriers as French would call it , rocks human imagination now with trend of Kim Karadashian , Jay Lo, Iggy Azalea and so on ,''centaur'' asses, as some call them, are not only type of asses - and each and every ass can be equly ass appealing - and each and every one has perfect pair of jeans to hellp them out achive their heights - so to say - in this post i will first introduce you with TYPES OF BOOTIES THAT EXIST.

Dr Matthew Schulman ,renowned plastic surgeon that has worked on over 2000 derriers  and has seen around  50 000 of them will explain butt types that exist -  he is more than qualified to speak on this topic,isnt he -  (he gave his opinion to cosmopolitan magazine,from wich his part of this text is from) 

According to him your butt type is detirmined by the shape of your pelvise and ofcourse your hip bones , the fat and its distribution , your gluetal muscles(their size)  and the way they attach to thigh  bones .

There are 5 categories of butts you should know about - see descriptions and recognize your own shape so in next blogg you can find out wich undies and jeans are best for you. 

Square - the line of your hip bone and your outer thigh are straight ,in same line - your booty shape is SQUARE 

V-Shape-  If the line between your hip bone and outer part of thigh is running inward it is a V-shape of booty

-  If the line between your hip bone and outer thigh is widening bellow hip bone it is an A -shape

Round shape - round booty is simply ROUND as you can see in picture - the thing is,this shapes butt cheeks as quite round and perky

Upside down heart shape- is round A shapish booty basically- i mean its a butt that looks like a heart

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