Saturday, June 11, 2016

Beachwear 2016

Although i am not the one that will judge people on beach by what they are wearing (ok maybe sometimes those weirdly dressed people) ,what brand their bathing suit is and if it is trendy,i do feel the need to enlight you my dear fashionistas on what IS a trend in beachwear if you wish to be trendy there (i know you do,you would not be reading this if you didnt)

First thing i feel i should mention about this years beachwear trends is that one of them is two piece swimsuits !  Yes,they are baaack. And they come in so many interesting designs,patterns and colors you just cant go wrong!

This is ,lets say a novelty,in swimwear (you probably wore it as a child)  - halter crop top swimsuits! This year and maybe few to follow (but about that some other time) this interesting upper part of a two piece will dominate free spirited trendy bathers - so note it.

Fringe is a trend you probably suposed will appear in swimwear too - if you did,great for you,if you didnt - well now you know!

Twist bandeau bikini tops are a classic that will rock this summer
 - they are simple,look good, and count on not having tan lines with them!

I mentioned that one piece swimsuits are back,but one of their designs you should pay attention to the most is - high leg one. With them your legs will shine with their brightest light - and you will be a trendie vacationer. Also an interesting graphic on them is a huge plus.

Now beachwear is more than a swimsuit you know,although main focus is on swimsuits,dont forget about the rest! And when i say that ,i mean dont forget about those lovely beach kaftans! The longer the better,but you wont go wrong with short one either.

If kaftans are not your thing,not your style ,lace dresses are the best option for you!

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