Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hold on to your cape this fall and winter

If you wonder wich outwear will take 1st place among outwears this fall and winter - the answer is devinely refreshing : Cape.

Previous few years coats were primary outwear that designers stressed,but this year we can see gracefull shift in direction - designers were apparently looking for more dramatic but femenine replacement .

We can see that  designers from around the world decided to include their beautifle cape designs in their fall 2016 collections - so its safe to say,it will be IT item in your closet in season to come.

Have a look at some of the capes from our worlds designer here - be inspiered

by Marina Hoermanseder

by Dimitri

by: Viva Vox

by: Ksenia Knyazeva 

by: Yasya Minochkina

by: Keita Maruyama

by: Litovskaya

by: Elenareva

by: Djaba Diassamidze

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