Friday, June 3, 2016

A Story Of Designer: Christian Dior

Christian Dior and his fashion house are one of the top fashion houses and brands worldwide !
Dior is known as master of shapes and siluetthes - this French designer is worth of your attention !

Christian Dior was born in Northern France on 21st January  1905 to a wealthy family . He had 4 siblings - Raymond, Jacqueline, Bernard and Catherine.

Diors family wanted him to be a diplomat,but Dior was inclined more twords arts - he was selling his fashion sketches for only 10 cents so he would make his own money.

After he left school his father gave him certain amount of money with wich he opened a small art gallery with his friend - few years later family struggled with money due to great depression and he had to close the gallery.

In 1937 Dior was employed at Robert Piguet fashion house - where main designer gave him to design three dresses for his new collection - one of the dresses was quite well recived. At Robert Piguet Dior worked with Pierre Balmain and Marc Bohan who succeeded him as house designer - Bohan later in 1960s became head of design of Dior Paris! Dior left Piguet after he was called up for military service.

When Dior left Army (1942) he joined the fashion house Lucien Lelong - where he and Balmain were head designers .

Dior just as Jean Patou , Jeanne Lanvin and Nina Ricci worked during the wartime (WWII) in attempt to save French Fashion industry (for economic and artistic resons) by designing for wifes of Nazi officers and French collaborators - Diors sister Catherine tough did not do anything similar - she was captured by Gestapo and sent to Ravensbruck concentration camp - where she was untill year 1945 , beause she was memmber of French Resistance.

In 1946 Dior made some brave choices - he refused a proposal from  richest man in France of the time,  Marcel Boussac who offered him to design for Phillipe et Gaston - Fashion house launched in 1925 - and decided to make a fresh start under his own name . With Boussacs hellp Dior opened his own fashion house 8th December 1946 .

 His designs were more curvy, voloptuous , he gave shape and line to them that in post WWII was not a practice - wich came with a price - people were not ready for fashions rich comeback - he was criticized for amount of fabric used on a single dress, longness of the skirts and so on - he revolutionized womens dress and reestablished Paris as the center of the fashion world after WWII.

Dior died while on vacation in Montecatini,Italy on 23 October 1957 - by some reports him choaking on a fish bone caused his death due to heart attack provoked by it,some others have claimed he died of heart attack after playing cards - and some even say it was because sexual encounter - to this day the exact cause is unknown - the mistery of Dior .

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