Sunday, June 12, 2016

Follow football with style

Euro 2016 just started,and it brought usuall histeria to old continent - second most i
mportant thing in life, men here call it - makes me wonder,whats the first? But i better not ask.

So this inspiered me to make a blog post for all of you girls who would like to support your countries clubs,or just have a chance to hang out with your partners,and being dressed like you care might get them to notice you and not the tv screen and their fave matches. This will be a post about sport wear inspiered by football!

As you will see i think best thing you can do is go casual sporty - sneakers are a must,shorts,tops - simple but when combined quite interesting and functional - comfortable for every jump you make when your team scores or every annoyed gesture when they miss or recive it-

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