Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Fashion for pregnant women

They call pregnancy ''the second state'' because your body goes through some big changes - and when i say big,i mean it !
Untill recently pregnant women tought that they had not much options except old dull pregnancy clothes that does not flatter most of the ladies - their body or their personality.

In this blog post i will present you some of the best dressed pregnant celebs wich you can use as inspiration for your own style while pregnant !

Like Megan Fox you dont need to drop down your sexines once you are pregnant - you just take it to another level.
Your breasts are going to be nice and full so flaunt them - to tone the sexiness down a notch wear nice maxi dresses with print.

Take a look at Blake Lively if you dont shy away from tight and urban - she says high heels are not a problem while you are pregnant either  !
Go for strechy tight clothes and boots - and ofcourse nice outwear .

Liv Tyler is classical girly but cool pregnant girl - and  i love it

Pregnant heriss Nicky Hilton can be your example of posh pregnant style - she dosent give up on those short dresses so you shouldnt either .

If you get bigger while you are pregnant - dont fret,we have Kim Karadashian to show you how to look sexy and trendy in that state - and dont give up on those body cone dresses girls, dont hide your curves 

Kims sister Kourtney Karadashian can show you how you can be pregnant,buisy mother and look absolutly trendy,gourgeous and i dare say with a hint of rock girly spirit.

Jaime King is all about simple chic

Keira Knightley does it Euro way - comfy and loose 
Maybe you wish to look like a princess while pregers? Ok,take a look at real Princess,British Princess Kate Middleton - she loves it old school classy ,sometimes with a twist 

Drew Barrymore is the pregnant woman that loves her pants oh so very much

Leave it to Angelina Jolie to make maternety look so cool ,elegant yet sexy

Gisele Bundchen does not stop looking like a true model,not even while pregnant 

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