Sunday, June 5, 2016

All the pant styles you should know about!

1. Straight pant

A simple straight pant also known as cigarette pants or pencil pants.

2. Boot cut
Tighter in the upper area while bottom,leg area is slightly flared

3.  Skinny
Small leg opening ,tight to body

4. Flare
Better known under the name ''bell bottom''

5. Pegged
This are pants that are tight in waist area and under it much  fuller and tapering till the ankle area

6. Stirrup pants
they have a band that is worn under the arch of foot

7. Cargo
Or better known as  combat or military pants

8. Jodhpurs
This pants are/were worn by horse riders - they are close fitting bellow the knee and have the patches on the insides of the leg area

9. Hot pants
Very short and tight pants (shorts)

10. Skort
Shorts with a fabric covering the front part - some skorts are just skirts with pants inside

11. Sweat pants

12. Harem pants
Long,baggy pants cought at the ankel,usually from thin materials

13. Palazzo
Long women pants cut very wide ,drapes down from the waist

14. Bermuda

15. Overalls
Pants (or shorts) that have an extension that goes ver the shirt

16. Jumpsuit
One piece garment with legs

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