Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How to wear Culottes?

Now while we are at it,hellping you with how to wear certain things ,why wouldnt i give you example of how can you combine one other tricky fashion garment? What do you think of Culottes ? Eeek right,hard to combine? Dont fret ,what is hard can become easy in a blink of an eye with just few things you should know !

As you will see in most of the sets,this one included,i have combined this quite tricky shaped trousers mostly with crop tops or just short tops - why? Well they perfectly compliment the shape of Culottes - Culottes are high waisted and wide legged pants and shorter tops make them stand out and over shine them instead - the accent of your combination should be on them - because honestly you could not pull it any other way.

Here you have perfedct example of how crop tops make Culottes shine.

One of the numerous qualities of Culottes is that no matter what you pair them with,they will look extremly classy - as you can see not even denim t shirt could make this look more ''common'' or ''average'' ,wich in many other combinations would make the combination look like that.

Even denim Culottes combined with straps can look supper classy - this would be perfect summer combination.

And here you can see that two of the hottest this summer trends combined (crop top and off shoulder trend) both work perfectly well with Culottes,so do not be afraid to play with it.

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