Sunday, December 27, 2015

NY eve Hair and Makeup combos

I tryed to put up a combination of makeup and hairstyles that i think would work the best for  NY party - i hope you like it girls :D

I will begin with updo hair,with wich you can allways pull out to look glamorous and yet,you can play with laid back styles too  - and start this with Faux mohawk  (you can see here how can you make it on your own! ) wich i feel should be paired with nice pink shades of lipstick,you can allways go for shiny one,but i belive mate lipstick looks the best. For eyes i wanted something different - colours!

Next hairstyle i would recomend are fun and wild curles !
Make up i would combine it with is a bit on a ''dark side'' shadow and super light lips!
(it would be a bit too much to go for darker lips  even for NY eve partie)  

(it's ok if you cant achive eyebrows like this - few people can ) 

Lob was all the rage this passing year,and it will be so in next one,so lots of girls even if they wished to,cant grow it out just for this one (or two,depending of it if you are party maniac) so if you havent allready ,you can refresh it with bangs - and wiolah,you have a party hair !
Straight and messy with full bangs - perrrfect
Makeup wise,i was thinking of accenting the lips with darker reds and even purples (wich are super trendy) and putting some glitter on those eyes,but keeping it on the ''dark side'' !

Then i was like ''but what about those girls who want to channel their inner princess? ''
Oh,i found something perfect for them (you girls,i know you are reading and waiting for it)
Nice greecian styled hair,with nice head strap on !
Make up wise i was thinking soft and girly - pink and light blue (with glitter ofc)  !

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