Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dress as Disney princess

I am one of those girls that never gets too old for Disney princess could i - while i was a child i would try to dress as them ,now when i am older i still have those moments,just now i cant look so....costumed,if i did people would see me as some kind of fool. Thats when Fashion steps in scene,you can look like your fave Disney princess without having to look like you are in costume - this are mine combinations,see for yourself .

I will start with my fave princess - Aurora. And she is tricky,one of her  best known styles is  of her  PINK dress, and i am not the biggest fan of Pink ! I had a hard time finding a modern pink  dress that i liked ...oh well,hard times in fashion 

Second princess that i like best is --- well,not really a princess...well she is...maybe of Jungle,right? - Jane 
I just have to go SAFARI - cool! Or not. It is very hard to find a safari dress that will suit Janes pretty yellow one ;( I had to compromise - i had to pick green dress of design that i liked.

Ok,lets do the first Disney animated princess - Snow White!
Easy one,really easy

A party dosent start till Cinderella does not come in!
I had a tough time deciding wich of her dresses i would like to recreate in modern fashion - her famous fairy made ball gown or the one in wich she famously cleans the house - i picked the later one

Ah,lets do Jasmine! oooh we can rock crop tops with this one  :D But,it is not easiest combo to make,and i didnt want to go for  a dress after i couldnt find nice flowy pants - so it's less ''Arabian nights'' and more ''New York city fashionista ''

Another classic princess i love is Pocahontas - i just love her earthy tones and FRINGE - how trendy is she,huh

so thats that for now - some other time,some other princess styles!

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