Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Beauty subscription box review - Glambox

I've subscribed  for beauty box (Glambox   wich is the beauty box  available in Serbia )  few months ago ,and i have been waiting for it eagerly,and when i forgot about it ---- ta daaaa, express van is infront of my house and i am extatic!

How this beauty boxes function you wonder? Well,you become their subscriber in most cases, and there is an option for how many months you want to recive the box with Glambox,dont know for other companies. The content of the box is a mistery,you get to know what you got once you recive the box (that is the part of the fun with it) , mostly they are sending samples of products, but sometimes they can send you full size items aswell!

I dont know if your country has the same firm ''Glambox'' or some other,like  ''Glossybox'', ''Birchbox'' , '' Look fantastic beauty box '' , ''latest in beuty box'' and so on.... but if it dosen i am sure that soon it will,because the beauty subscription boxes are becoming very popular.

So,yeah,time to do a review of my first ''Glambox''  --- excited :D

I can say that it is my first holiday gift i guess,so i did little photo session with the box for fun.

and this is how it looked like when i opened it

I dont know if Glossybox and Glambox are sister companies,their boxes look very similar.

Soooo,what did i got in my box

First i have to say that i was most excited when i saw the parfume bottle (wich was missing its original top,so i am tot satisfied completly with that) and lip gloss

So i got 

Mini Dream  Ulric de Varens ,it is a fruity scent wich i really like ,so with this product i am more than satisfied except that the top is missing :(

Golden Rose color sensation lipgloss  ,i got it in peachy shade that i think goes under name ''desirable'' . I am not really a lipgloss kind of girl,but i liked very much the texture,it is quite glossy yet subtle ,and it is not sticky wich is the reason i liked it most. The design of it is quite elegant ,and the applicator is one of the best lip gloss applicators i had put on my lips,it is quite soft and most importantly flexible. 

Eucerin Dermato Clean 3 in 1 micellar fluid  for wich i was also very excited that i got,and i got puffers gratis with it (wich was more than usefull because i have used my last puffers few days ago,and i was too lazy to go to drogerie  to buy new ones )  i have removed my make up immediately and it was quick and did not irritate my skin in any kind.  

Eucerin Hyaluron- Filler  CC cream   wich i got in sample size ,i havent tryed it out,i will give it my mum to test it,the color is nice beige that i think will suit her quite well.

Herbateria Body Butter  It is natural butter cream made of herbal butters and oils ,without any aditives ,no wather ,no conservans, no chems of any kind.  It nurishes the skin nicely,i got it in a samll i supose sample container just like one i will post the pic (picture is not mine,i found it online,i was too lazy to take pics of each product ,mine re just first two pictures on this blog ) . It is bit hard supstance,it is not much oily but it smells nice,mine smells of Vanilla,dosent irritate my skin.... i like it .

Soraya rejuvenating face mask   i havent tryed it yet,so i dont know what to say. My friend has used their cream before,and she was satisfied so i will give it a try.

Perwoll Care & Repair Effect i got it in a sample size,when my mum saw it she was like ''Oh ,thats mine dearie,i have to try it out,i saw the full sized one in market but i was afraid to buy it and what if it sucks? Well this is perfect''  and she took it....was i excited to get it,i was not,but my mum was wich made me happy,sooo... we will see how good it is after we use it

Fashion Studio Aleksandra and Yovana Zistakis   discount cupon wich unfortunatly i will not be able to use ,i am not going to Belgrade any time soon because i have beaussy  schedule :/

and i got a cookie shaped as a star from Styled by Rea   , i ate it and it tasted just right! It was frosted and had cinamon in it if i am not wrong .

So all in all,i am satisfied with my first ever Glambox,and i am thinking of ordering again....

Goofs - My mum opened the door to the delivery guy and she came to me all confused ,she did not expect a package  - and she was even more confused when she realize she will have to pay for it because i have spent the last dime i had few days ago on some clothes....ooooooops .Her face was priceless

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