Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dress as Disney princess pt 2

If you havent found your favorite princess in my previous post : Dress as Disney princess 
dont be bummed - in this post you will most probably find her or them - and if not in this one,it will certainly be in next one

Lets start this post with old school Disney princess - Belle
This lady is known for her famous yellow ball gown,but my fave style of hers is the one that best describes this avanturistic book worm personality .
For her i chose nice denim overall skirt and a white shirt,nice black dancing flats,and a bag perfect for carrying books around (ps. this combination is perfect for school! ) and ofc a nice blue bow to complite this studious girl look.

Now,one more of the older generation princesses is Ariel.
She is best known as her mermaid self,and with that look i sticked.
She is perfect for crop top fashion!
For her upper part i obviously did not pick just a pink bra,but a nice top wich i paired with nice green pencil skirt . But,Ariel dosent really wear shoes in her fishy self dosent she? I had a chance to give her some personality! We want to emphasise her under water persona,so i picked fish skin sandals and a nice fish clutch that looks like Ariels BFF Flaunder ,and i accsesorized this combo with braclet that has a red crab on it - yes,to represent Sebastian  :D

Then it was Mulans turn!
I really wanted to combine for her ''pretending to be male '' style!
I was going for rougher lines and green colour - went for military look,but made it more feminine with crop top and high waisted pants. To emphasise her warrior self i added a sword necklace :) 

And then i decided to make combination for one of the new Disney princesess - i picked Rapunzel!
I might say she is my fave new Disney princess,she has such cute yet avanturistic personality i fell in love with (Ok,i was really in love with Flynn Rider,but thats not the point now)
She wears cute corset dress,so it was a search for that kind of dress - in purple or pink wich is dominant in her style,wich i couldnt find,BUT i did find super cute corset top ,i combined it with nice floral  tulle midi skirt.
To complete this super feminine combination i chose nice lace up flats and medium lady Dior tote bag that gives this whole look bit of edge.

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