Monday, December 7, 2015

How to dress up for Job Interview

When you are going on job interview you should know that not only what is on your resume and what you speak of is judged - your complete apperance is disected and evaluated

Most people want to leave an impression and stand out from all candidates,the goal is to be rememmbered.

Dress in suits - no matter what you should know that you will look good and professional in them. They should be of basic colores - dark blue,black,gray,brown....and should be tailored to perfectly fit you!

Skirts little below or little abowe the knees or pants - do not wear jeans ,maxi or mini skirts

Under the Suit you should wear nice classic shirt - colores should again be basic,best option is white! You should avoid vibrant colores.

You should pay attention to your shoes - pick classic professional ones - Ballerina flats ,Oxfords or Monks if you prefere flat shoes,or pumps if you prefere heels - again no vibrant colores or crazy designs!

Without a good bag you are not complete - go for nice lady like sholder or elbow  bags of fine design - again of basic color!

Now,your whole apperance is immportant,not just your clothes,so pay attention to your :

- makeup
foundation of good quality ,small amount of blush ,little shadow on the eyes to accent them ,mascara,lipstick that compliments your lip shape and skin colore

- hair
bun's,sleek pony tails,nice hair styles for your hair leinght - hair must be cleen!

short or medium in size,red,french or skin colore nail polish

- skin in general
take care of your dry spots or too oily ones 

-smell of your body,your breath !!!! 
This is very immportant,you should bathe,brush your teeth,put on nice parfume,and have a gum (dont forget to throw it out before interview,you dont want to look unprofesional !


  1. Good post!
    Yes, it's better to avoid everything that could distract the attention. Some moves, like touch your hair, don't help.

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