Friday, December 18, 2015

Googles fashion questions - my answers!

So ,there is a list of most googled fashion questions i decided to give an answers to!

 How to walk in heels
  The most common mistake newbies on heels make is that they step ONLY on their front of the foot and basically walk ''ballerina'' like,on toes. You should not be afraid to put your weight on your heel! Be confident,make long and firm steps,keep your sholders straight and your head high. 
And if you are beginer dont buy heels that are too high,and fuller heel should be your best option.

What to wear on the first day of school

 You should not obsess over it,wear whatever suits your style and body type,and mind that you look decent,it is school not runway. 

How to fray jeans

 You will need scisors,razor or scalpel,chalk,and sand paper. First try the jeans on and mark with chalk where you would like to cut them,then take them off,put some hard surface under the area you marked (if it is on the legs,put that hard surface in between front and back of the leg)  ,then cut the area with scisors,razor or scalpel (wich ever you have,i personally prefere scalpel) and then rub it little with sand paper so it looks good.

How to tie a shirt

 This should not be a big problem,unbutton last few buttons,take both ends ,put left side of the shirt over right (or right over left) then the left side should go under both of them and through the whole between them

What should a bride wear to a rehearsal dinner

 You should wear whatever you want ! There is no (as far as i know) rule about what should you wear. If it is more formal rehersal you should wear more formal dress,you dont have to wear long ones,and it does not have to be white.

What to wear booties with

 I acctually gave whole post to this ''problem''

see it here 

What are 'mules shoes'

 Mules shoes are shoes without toe or heel covering
like this ones 

What to wear to a wedding in the woods

 Oh,that sounds as a fun wedding to attend ! Well,you will have to see the weather forcast for this. Honestly i am thinking earthy colores in either of the seasons. I dont know what to say,just dress nicely and see that you are not cold :D

How to dress up like Miranda Sings

 Just put a lot of red lipstick on...go crazy with it and you will be fine 

What colour shoes go with a black and blue dress

 Blue,Black,white,beige....yeah,those are safe

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