Monday, December 14, 2015

Ankle boots - how to wear them?

So,yesterday i had job interview and i was thinking what to wear. I should dress in buisness clothes and that was easy,i picked nice knee leinght, black, body hugging dress and a black blazer - the problem was what to wear on my feet,interview was super early,and it was super,super COLD outside! The best option was . Ankle boots!

so this is basically how it looked like

And it looked quite nice and professional - so go for it

So now i will post some more examples for you my lovelies - more styles,more options on how to wear them!!

I love combination of nice knee leinght skirt and ankle booties,and if you combine it with a nice big sweather - you will look tres casual chic!

You can allways go super casual with this babies and look very,very good and fashionable!

But if you have muscular or short legs you should avoid wearing them,because they will visually shorten them even more :/

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