Saturday, June 10, 2017

Trends to AVOID this summer

Some trends are go to ,while some trends should be avoided at all cost .

In this blog post find out wich trends you should not fall for this summer  and why.

Let sjust clarify one thing before we start ; If you really like things i will mention bellow ,then enjoy and wear them,this blog post is for those that are not defined by this things and only see them as passing trends. Have fun.

1. Choakers

Maybe you noticed i have not made a blog post on this ubber trendy accessory even though it was, as i said ubber trendy! I simply felt no need to point out the obvious. Choakers were like the fad of fall/winter season and we have seen them in all possible designs on every single model,celebrity ,regular person out there . Its not that i dont like them,i think they are very pretty accessory to have in your jewllery box and they match some styles perfectly , i even bought few - BUT - they are over worn,too many people wore them ALL THE TIME and it kinda became BORING thing to see. I am all about fresh and fun trends and choakers would not be that for this summer.

2. Crazy colored hair 

When i say crazy i mean pink,blue,green,purple,rainbow....just stop ,its done,its not fun or interesting anymore. If you want vibrant hair color just stick to the red ,alla Rihanna red - move away from cotton candy section!

3. High waister Fishnet tights under shorter waisted jeans 

Like no,no and nooooo - i am all about your fishnet tights being seen through the holes in distressed jeans ,but them just sticking out from the top of your jeans looks just so messy! Makes me wanna shout '' Either buy jeans with higher waist or wear a longer t-shirt! ''

4. Festival face paint

I have noticed people go crazy with this in summer . Like whats the point in wearing festival face paint on the beach? Maybe i am too old (pardon my 22 years of life then ) or i am too old fashioned - but i just dont see how this thing survives every single summer from like 2015 - its time to say to ourselves ''You are going to the beach,not joining amazonian  dance ansamble.''

5. Double Dutch braid 

Its time to ditch this hairstyle ,not because its ugly or anything (i love it and i wore it  myself alot)  but just like choakers its over worn  - its time to try out new hairstyles for summer ,refresh our looks.

6. Red lipstick

Can you just PUT IT DOWN for a  summer ?  Red lipstick is great for winter,but for summer its just too heavy,so lay it off until colder days arrive.

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