Friday, June 9, 2017

Road to personal style

You have probably heard that word numerous times through your life - people mention it all the time atleast on tv and in magazines. And you have probably wondered about your own personal style and found yourself confused with how to define it, .

In this blog post we will try to explain what personal style is,and how to attain one yourself .

Lets start from the very start ..

Personal style is the way you represent yourself to the world through external factors such as fashion . One often finds himself in wonder what his personal style is,because we as human beings are not as one dimensional as they make the word seem,we usually dont have one style to wich we stick ,so its hard to define ourselves like that - but fashion industry insists on using such terminology,it insists on labeling us with one label - i guess to make it easier to sell certain styles,to find a ''niche'' in the industry to wich they can stick customers to . And thats all fine,but confusion is not to be ignored .

We start out this jurney as children,when we dont have much say on topic of style,its our parents that decide - but as un-included as we seem,we start developing tastes based on the fact if we like or dislike what they put on us,in interaction with other children we learn that the way our parents dress us up is not the only way,and as we grow our personality so we grow our style.

Personal style is style we are most comfortable in that defines our public image - we probably are not defined by it on a deeper level,its just the side we like showing off to the world.

If you are a public person you will probably want to develop your own style,for nothing less than to be remembered easier - yes having a ''personal style'' is kind of branding ; You will allways remember that old lady who is all the time in red skirt,wont you?

What you need to know and do so you could develop ,or better said recognize your personal style?

-  What are the things you like? 

It is so much easier if you are a person who is very specific with things that he/she likes . Oh you like metal music and you want the world to know ? Then wear clothes that are without doubt representative of it.

- What are the items you like rewearing?

Things you like rewearing are things that kinda define you in public - so if you like balenciaga bags (like me) you are defined by them simply by association. ''Thats the balenciaga girl'' they will say - bam you are remembered! Bam you have signature item ! Bam you are one step closer to having personal style.

- Put all things you like in one place

With ''pinterest'' , ''we heart it'' and even ''Polyvore''  its so much easier to find things you like and put them all in one place,and then while you are going through the collection it might hit you in wich direction your tastes are gravitating the most if you are versetile fella and you simply cant decide .

- What shapes do you feel best in? What colors make you glow?

You know sometimes you have to say no to things you like if you notice they dont fit you simply for the cause of being recognized as a person with good taste and sanity.

- Find someone to look up to 

If you still cant say that you have personal style - then copy the style of people you like looking at,people you think look good ;  you like how Kim Kardashian dresses - mimick her,its not a crime,everyone does it all the time,even Kim.

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