Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Boho Chic for summer

There is no summery style more recognizable than Boho chic ! Layers of flowy fabric made up from different textures and prints . Simply perfect for summer is it not?


Boho Chic is combination of two styles : Boho (Bohemian)  and Chic - basically this is perfect style for all those Chic freedom lovers.

 Boho is style associated with Bohemian travellers,or better known as Gypsies who came to Bohemia from Eastern and Central Europe ,bringing with them liberated hectic style of pattern mixing and layering,accompanied with bunch of jewllery made of stones,pearls and not so precious metals.

Chic is elegant and sophisticated style usually made up from clean cuts,femenine forms and few but massive jewllery

When combined (As impossible as it seems to combine this two ) you get Boho Chic

Characteristics of Boho Chic are interesting combination of glamour with simplicity - no Boho Chic fashion combination is the same ,it offers wide variety and freedom .

White color,lace and floral patterns who look like they belong to some European National costume  are great example of Boho Chic - seemingly simple yet with so many details . 

Long and flowy patterned dresses are a must in every Boho Chic lovers closet.

Even simple and seemingly not either Boho or Chic garments when combined right can end up being this fun style - a fedora and simple chunky jewllery  do their trick.

And while we are mentioning jewllery - combination of designs and leinghts ,layering ,pearls,beads,precious stones - its all a must for this style.

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