Sunday, June 25, 2017

Cellulite : problem and solution

There is nothing more frustrating than cellulite,except maybe cellulite in summer ! Every woman can become its victim (and some men can)  ,and probably is because women are simply geneticaly predisposed to it.

In this blog post we will go through the basics you should know about cellulite (so you would understand your enemy obviously,because this is strategic fight ladies ) and then present to you couple of exercises with wich you can defeat it - i know this dosent sound like the typ eof writing you would expect on a fashion forum,pardon my inner warrior .

What is cellulite?

Like its name could indicate to you, this condition has to do with some type of cells ,and wich type of cells are most present on our thigs and butt? Fat cells! Basically cellulite is a condition in wich fat deposits push through the connective tissue

As you can see in the picture above ,the last layer on the picture,the yellow one, represents fat - what happens is fat pushes through (does not go through,it just pushes it)  connective tissue,wich is represented above as that blue line deviding skin and fat? Well it disorts the connective tissue wich keeps skin tight ,wich for a result has cellulite. Yes its that simple,just some  fat having a tantrum.

What we have learned here is that cellulite is not a crater in our skin,its a mountain trying to raise up.

What causes it?

There are more than one cause for cellulite to appear .

One of them  probably has to do with the fact of how fat tissue is  arranged in female body,wich is vertically,wich obviously makes it normal that if something is ''standing up'' if we put preassure on it,it is going to ''poke out'' , while men do not have it as much because,well their fat tissue likes them and is criss crossed ,not vertical standing.

Another reason are hormones - some of the hormones such as estrogen,noradrenalin,insulin etc. are connected to cellulite  creating process,for example in menopause women stop producing as much estrogen,wich is a reason for fat cells to become bigger ,and bigger fat cells are pushy ones .  Less oxygen and less blood flow to the area also hellps its creation because if there is no oxygen,collagen produces also in lesser amount!

Old age is also a reason,as we get older our skin loses on elasticity wich makes it easier for fat underneath to push through.

All of the above mentioned could be genetic issues but not in all cases.

Bad lifestyle can cause apperance of cellulite aswell - eating fat,salt,carbohydrates,smoking ,not excercising,siting too long. 

Tight clothes prevent blood flow wich causes cellulite to appear ,esspecialy tight underwear.

How to get rid of it ?

Before all you have to understand that cellulite is really tought to get rid of - so it wont be quick ,nothing i mention below will work within few days or weeks,maybe not even months - you didnt get cellulite over night,you wont get rid of it either.


Best way is to chage lifestyle and exercise more,stressing out the cellulite affected area . Here i will give you few examples of excersise that are aiming the butt and thighs .

1. Single leg hip risers 
2. Reverse lunge

3. Step up

4. Dead lift

If you are not able to do excersises or simply are lazy (not something you should be proud of,tsk,tsk,tsk ) you can allways opt out for some of this.

Acoustic wave therapy  uses series of acoustic poulses to vibrate tissue,wich is suposed to break down the cellulite and make skin firmer.

Laser treatmant works that way that laser thickens the skin and brakes through the fat tissue

Subcision is a process of dermatologist putting a needle under the skin to break the connective tissue wich as a result gives a nice cellulite free skin . 

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