Thursday, June 8, 2017

Swimsuit trends for summer 2017

Finally summer has arrived,and with it summer vacations. Most of us have decided to spend our vacation time  next to the warm sea,lake or pools  , somwhere in the world far from home or right next to it; it dosent matter where you are as long as you are dressed to impress,isnt that right my fashionistas?

In this blog post we are going to go through the trendiest styles of this seasons bathing suits,so you would know girls. Just because you are underwater dosent mean you should look outdated.

Velvet bathing suits - yes,you red it well,i said velvet and bathing suit in the same sentence and in a blog post about things that will be trendy,not in a blog post  about fashion donts - yes we live in those times when those two get mixed and look absolutly AMAZING . You know what,its start of a completly new summer,its summer 2017 only once in a lifetime,so have some fun with VELVET !

Roped up swimsuits are the trend of the swimsuit season - two peace or one peace,does not matter as long as you have ropes to hold them together.

Do you want to look like you are competing in water sports this summer - well guess what ,its perfect time for you because basic sports one peace swimmies are trendy this season ,they are like in their full force. Lets pretend we are swimming for the gold,shall we?

Bandeau trend is following us to the swimsuit area as well,this summer you can not go wrong with it wherever you find yourself - in the club or at the beach!

Another trend that is following us around are frills - yes,bikini with frills is a must .

Mesh bikinis are my ultimate favorite for the swimsuit trend list,thats why i mention them last,we opened up this blog post with something interesting and so we shall end it with something interesting. Some fun never hurt no one.

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