Saturday, June 10, 2017

Jewllery summer 2017 trend : Charm necklaces

Charm necklaces are romantic and femenine accessory that just made its return to fashion scene big time. 

 See why i think they are prfect trend for summer 2017 

In my latest blog post ''Trends to AVOID this summer'' i mentioned how you should avoid choakers because they are over worn ,and if you wondered what you should replace them with ,the answer comes quickly to you as you can see - Charm necklace !

Its refreshing peace of jewllery for this summer because its different from the choaker wich dominated season before - its classic in shape,its loose,it hangs down instead of wraping tightly around your neck - it has lovely pendant(s)  hanging wich you can change ,add or take off (wich was kinda hard on choakers to do even if they came with pendants themselves) . Unlike choaker it gives sense of freedom,wich is the right thing to channel for summer 2017. 

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