Friday, June 9, 2017

Jewllery trend for summer 2017 : Ankle bracelet

Period when we wear shorts and short skirts....well shorter clothes in general ,is perfect period to flaunt our ankle jewllery game ! Oh yes,ankle bracelets are back in style and jump on the vagon while it didnt become mainstream yet, be the trendsetter!

Ankle bracelets are not a new thing that is for sure; a lot of cultures from around the world have them incorporated even in their national costumes ,so theres where they derive from in modern fashion,they are adaptation of such jewllery worn by women from time beyond memory .

Ankle bracelets have reappeared  mainstrea with this late 90s early 2000s fashion return ,they were big part of that periods fashion culture,and as the fashion is repeating its history,we cant leave such lovely accessory behind,cant we?

You can surely find bracelet that fits you well,no matter what your style is,one thing is for sure you can find your match in sea of ankle bracelet designs - Boho style is their main preserver ,so if you are boho they are probably old news to you ,but if you belong to some other fashion style subtype ,then go buy them from this place! Go,go,go!

You can literally wear them with everything,long or short pants and skirts; the thing with them is to attract the eye of observer to your lovely ankles - they also make your legs look longer and leaner .

They come in simple and not so simle designs; gold or silver, rope or string ,you name it,they exist like it.

Such a fun and refreshing accessory that is perfect for summer time.

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