Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Summer makeup : no- makeup

As summer is right behind the corrner i think its time to talk about the makeup ,wouldnt you agree?

Forget about the liner or dramatic shading , this summer no-makeup makeup  trend is all the way in ! Seemingly makeupless eyes with long lashes and and just a little color on cheeks and lip is what will be a must in makeup world .

When it comes to foundation,the light covering ones that leave your imperfections to be glimpsed at are the ones you should reach for - so what you have a pimple,just dull down the redness and enjoy the summer,let your skin recive some sunlight under a light layer of foundation ,everyone has imperfections. And if you have freckles,you should know that this season is your time to shine,so do not cover them up with 100% covering foundations girl,let them take their moment.

As mentioned before when it comes to eye makeup natural shade colors and only a mascara are  the style - long lashes will be enough this season. Make sure you highlight your brow bone with shimmering highlight ,avoid crayony ones though,opt out for powdery ones.

Shimmering highlight on the cheek bones is also a must,but when it comes to your cheeks  the only thing you need is peachy blush - forget about the heavy contouring !

Countouring for summer is light and done with powder blush ,just a little bit of blush on the cheeks,across the nose and if you must on the sides of your forehead.

When it comes to eyebrows forget about the heavy drawn brow that rocked the beauty world seasons before this - just a little natural color on them and they are done.

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