Monday, May 15, 2017

How to wear : White jeans!

I dont think no period in year is more fitting for white jeans than the summer! Some might find them tricky ,but belive me that is only because you have not found your perfect pair.

This summer be brave and wear the white jean like no other!

in this post see some ways you can combine them - have fun.

1. Jean on jean 
White jeans combined with regular shmegular denim is just perfect combination! Do not be afraid to mix the two colors. Now you have options with the jean itself but,because the trend is for it to be skinny,you can play a little bit with the shepe of shirts,bags and shoes - you can go crrrrazy with it

2. Pastel colors
Pastel colors are trendy and combined with white jean are perfect summer combination !

3. Stripes
One of the classics when it comes to the white jeans is combination with the stripes - or the sailor combination as some like to call it . 

4. Floral
White jeans look perfect combined with floral pattern,in this combination you will ooze with femenine touch. 

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