Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Clothes that hide your imperfections

When you are watching celebrities and models on tv or in magazines they all look like they are all simply perfect,everything looks so good on them, and on you you notice that your imperfections stick out - the secret is celebrities and models are stlyed so all their imperfections are hidden - you wont see someones bow legs of flaby arms because its hidden.

In this post you can find out some of the solutions for most common issues women around the world have.

If your problem is midsection best option for you are empire waisted dresses and shirts,its the kind of clothes that is fitted right bellow your breast area,so you can wear fitted clothes despite having troubled midsection - no you dont have to hide under wide clothes all your life if thats what you tought ,but wide clothes are your other option,you can enjoy  shirt dresses,a line dresses,tent dresses,jumper dresses,maxi dresses with waist bellow breasts, all sorts of wide shirts, smocks,gypsy shirts, sweatshirts. As you can see you have so many cute options !

when it comes to the  legs looking longer in most cases haigh waisted jeans are the answer ! Now depending of your leg problem ,you can allways opt for a good skirt or dress of the size that will hide the same - depending on where your issue is, you move the leinght of the skirt,so if you have troubled thighs go for skirts and dresses that are just bellow them,maybe the perfect size is just above the knee . If your problem are your calfs maxi dresses and skirts are your best option , but when it comes to pants bell pants will rock your world.
ave issues with the way out

Arms can be a problem for some women,and  the goal is distraction not hiding them! As the trend of cold and off shoulder is in full force you will have SO MANY OPTIONS when it comes to style. If you want a long sleeve you can allways pick beautiful shirts and dresses with wide sleeves.

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