Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Perfect jeans for your booty type

I have promissed you guys a post about perfect jeans for your booty type almost exactly a year ago,forgive me my loves as i have had a buissy year - but my determination to deliver you the goods was allways here.

In this blog post find the best jean for you!

ps. Here you can see wich booty types exist and wich one is yours by simple directions - it works,belive me !

For the lovely ladies that have been blessed with square booty type ,jeans with pockets are the best option - your goal is to make your booty look more dimensional and less flat,and thats the job pockets fullfill . Any kind of embelishment and graphic on the booty will work also .. Something that will give more shape to your lover body would be the bell pants,you might not be able to curve your booty,but you could give the impression of femenine curve with the legs being wider ,wich will also make you look skini at the top.

What you should try to avoid is high vaisted jeans because they elongate your figure and that might end up looking like your body is  long and flat ,and thats not cute,but try to avoid super low cut ones also because that way you might end up looking like you are cut in half .

V-shaped booty looks best in baggy jeans,mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, and everything that will just fall down from the hips making hip line look straight,rather than well, v- shaped (not that anything is bad with the shape itself)

A-shaped booty and Upside down heart booty  are the ones that fit in most jean and pant styles,they basically can pull off the most styles . The shape implies that the booty gets bit wider at the bottom,so the high waisted jeans look stunning on it,but so do low cut ones,so do not be afraid of wearing what you want. Skinny jeans are fun feild to play on for this shapes.

Round booty type is probably the type that looks extremly good in fitted skinny jeans with high waist ,try to avoid the low cut jeans because they might make your butt look too wide .

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