Friday, September 30, 2016

Fun Fashion at work

Work clothes can be a bit depressing,we can all agree on that - its hard to express yourself and so hard to make it look more stylish or fun,sometimes its just way too uncomfortable - but what can you do it is your work clother afterall? Well you can do alot!

See here how work clothes can be interesting to wear and how you can express yourself through them

There are 4 looks you can channel on your job,wich you can switch depending of what you exactly do at given moment - i will present to you couple of sets for each to serve you as an inspiration

1. Buisness Professional

Buisness Professional is all about sharp lookng - you should stick to the basics but for funs sake play a little bit with designs

As you can see in this set - this is pretty basic combination of pencil skirt and blazer paired with white button up shirt - what makes this combination more interesting is the skirt design wich has interesting slit and pairing with a blazer wich is of not only different color but also pattern

In this set you will find everything that is characteristic for buisness professional but with a spin - color and crochet.
The shirt with crochet ending gives a feminine note to this very hard looking combination of red,white and black- red pencil skirt circles this look as a fashion victory on your job. Basically the message is - do not afraid of color and fun with designs,as long as you have few simple and basic items you can go bit crazy with others.

2. Buisness casual

Buisness casual is all about looking casual and professional at the same time - do not worry its not as hard as it seems to achive this look

Picking very buisnessy trousers and pairing them with a shirt that has more spirit,like for example this drape front sweater in nice powder color, will do the trick .

This combination would definitively set you appart from everyone else - long pencil skirt with leather pockets paired with a burgundy sweater with bell sleeves, and suede booties are quite something.

3. Smart casual

Smart casual is all about looking sharp in a very casual combination

Pairing of a casual dress with a nice black blazer smart booties and leather shopie will do the trick

4. Casual

Casual at work and casual everywhere else is not the same,just have bare that in mind - even though it is casual wear you should allways be quite professional looking - so no basic t-shirts and sneakers 

As you can see here,a nice sweater paired with skater skirt and booties and a snake skin tote is not really as stiff looking,and really is casual but it still has professional distance one needs.

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