Friday, September 9, 2016

Yeezy ready to wear 2016 - lets take a look

After reading so much of Kanye Wests show yesterday,i just decided to stop and give a man pice of my time,i decided not to pay attention to models that  fainted and no one hellped them,and those models that sat down on the grass because they couldnt stand under hot ass sun anymore,and those models that walked on broken and almost broken heels...and just take a look at his clothes for a minute - i will even not pay attention to the concept of his show,because lets be honest,i dont care about his show and if it bares any message for humanity, nor do i care about his casting call in wich he only asked for mixed black girls, but about the FASHION aka clothes- we are not voting for presidency here and Kanye is ,thank God,not a presidency candidate of any country in this world.

So basically this year seems to be some kind of continuation of previous couple years,because....this all seems like i have seen it...

lets first have  a look at full collection before i continue

Ok now that we have finally passed through all the looks....i can say this much....i aint buying this! If i needed oversized boring jacket or sweatshirt i would have borrowed it from my father or brother! Also i am not planning on becoming cyclist so no thanks for the rest of the clothes either.

Ok so seriously now,a collection asa collection really is nothing new,all this clothes in the same colores and shapes and sizes exist on retail markets sence 80s...

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