Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Story of Designer : Jeanne Lanvin

The Founder of famous Lanvin fashion house,beauty and parfume company Lanvin Parfumes, Jeanne Lanvin was born Jeanne-Marie Lanvin on 1st January 1867 .

Here you will find out more of this increadible woman.

Lanvin was born in Paris to parents Constantin Lanvin and Sophie Deshayes and was the eldesto of their 11 children.

At the age of 16 she became apprentice milliner at Madam Felix in Paris - eventualy she became milliner on the rue Faubourg Saint-Honore 1889.

In 1895 Lanvin married Italian nobelman Count Emilio di Pietro to whom she gave birth a beautyfull daughter only 2 years after they wed , their daughter whom they named Marguerite was an Opera singer who after her mothers death became the director of her mothers famous fashion house.

Lanvin divorced di Pietro in 1903 - in 1907 she married her second husdband Xavier Melet,a journalist and later French counsul in Manchester,England.

In 1909 Lanvin joined the syndicat de la Couture wich marked her formal status as coutourier. The clothes Lanvin made for her daughter began to attract the attention of a number of wealthy people who requested copies for their own children.
soon enough Lanvin made clothes for some of the biggest names in Europe.

Lanvins most significant expansion was creation of Lanvine Parfumes SA in 1924,and introduction of her signature fragrance Arpege,inspired by her daughter practicing the scales on  piano .

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