Thursday, May 5, 2016

Steampunk in real life (everday) fashion - Simple Steampunk

First i have to ask you lovlies - do you know what steampunk is? Do not fret if you dont i will tell you ofcourse.

Steampunk is subgener of science fiction that inorporates technology  and aesthetic design inspired
by 19th century industrial steam powered machinery.

In fashion there are no set guidlines ,it tends to synthesize  modern styles with influences from Victorian era - so think about corsets, bustles,gowns and so on.

Steampunk influenced Outfits are usually accented with several technological and ''period'' accessories:  timepieces,parasols, flying/driving goggles and ray guns .

Modern accessories like cell phones or music players can be found in steampunk outfits,after being modified to look like Victorian-made objects. Post-apocalyptic elements ,such as gas masks,ragged clothing  and tribal motifs can also be included.

The question is - how can you wear it without looking like you just came from some kind of geeky movie convention?

I have created few of my suggestions on the topic - if you ask me its the best to go with simple shapes that are inspired by Victorian era ,and add details wich are more typical representatives of steampunk - takle a look

The first look is kind of Oriental - i have picked a beautiful   Kimono from Iris Von Herpen and paired it with nice Woolrich 'Mohave Arroy'  lace up boots (they are just dream) ,and for accesories that will circle the whole look i have picked this lovely steampunk themed bag,ring-watch and necklace (you can only wear one of those,you dont have to go full steampunk with accesories)

For this look i have picked a beautifle vintage looking crop top ,paired it with TopShops vintage riped mom shorts  , Jessica Simpsons 'Calevey' boots, and a Burberry belt bag . I have added Stampunk inspired jewlery to the mix and ta daaaa

For the next look i wanted to play with futuristic but kinda back to the early 2000s Steampunk so i chose  some interesting stuff - beautifle Saint Laurent square neck lame cami dress , Bussola 'Orly' wedges, Mulberry small  clifton, Steampunk leather stoker hat and this lovely and super trendie sunnies .

If you want to do Steampunk on the beach - this one is for you
I have picked two beautifle bathing suits (both one peace - it will give us vintage feels we need )
The first combo is of La Blanca Draped Swim Suit, Office Boho Plated Sandals, Jerome Dreyfuss Suede Cross Bag , Retro Fashion Round Steampunk sunglasses and the final touch is Enlish Pewter Choker with Brass 

Second combo is of Lenny Niemeyer Ruched cutout swimsuit, Jeffrey Campbell snick, Alexander McQueen Black Flower Embrodiered  Satchel , Steampunk glasses and Steampunk bracelet

The next combination is super cute,modern and down to earth ,yet still Steampunk .
I've used Re Done Hanes Boxy Short Sleve T-shirt, lovely Giambattista Valli Brushed wool and silk blend skirt, Waterfall style crop blazer, Baske California 'Fury' open toe bootie, Marc Jaccobs trouble bag in navy and gold  and Obviously lovely Steampunk sunglasses

Now this were just few examples of how you can wear Steampunk in everyday fashion  - this ones are kind of made for current weather (Spring/Summer)  But obviously you can wear the Simple Steampunk (lets call it like that ,ok? ) through all seasons !

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