Sunday, May 15, 2016

Cannes 2016 fashion best and worst !

International Film Festival taking place in scenic Cannes is a great time to spot some of our most beloved stars and judge their fashion !

If you would like to know who made my Best and Wors lists - you are on the right place.

Absolute BEST
Bella Hadid brought her A game 


Lily Rose Depp is starting to grow on me - i will keep an eye on this youg starlet!

Aishwarya Rai - love the dress,not much the make up...but 

Julianne Moore - nailed it
Yes thise are two giant kobras on her dress - looove it

Jessica Chastain - perfect for Cannes!

I realize Kristen Dunst is wearing spoons and forks printed on her dress,but for some strange reason i love it!
this one makes more sense

Paz Vega looking lovely 

Cheryl Cole 

Julia Roberts was A STAR

Naomi Watts 

Caitriona Balfe - can i love this look more? No i cant,i adore it
and this one! You go C!

Eva Longoria 

Susan Sarandon brought nautical look

Blake had few misses,but when this girl scores,she scores for victory!
Those hips dont lie,there is a baby inside (dont mind my need to make a rime) 

Jodie Foster knows how to shine in simple dresses

I am sucker for this rocker style so i will give Kristen Stewart props for this one

Anna Kendrick
Day time not bad either

Victoria Becham - like a boss

Ah with this face Doutzen dosent even have to try

Lily Donaldson is kinda outshine by guy behind her seriously now,love her look

I dont know if i'd love this dress on anyone else except Charlize Theron ,the shoes are so off but i cant put her in worst dresses despite them

Cara Delevigne shined bright

Kendall Jenner says that belly buttons can look glam - strangely i have to agree,atleast in her they can 

Rosie Hunington Whiteley 

Petra Nemcova 

Karlie Kloss

Nina Agdal - i can only sclode her for those tan lines - ts,tss,tsss

Mila Jovovic had, if you ask me, the most beautifle colour in Cannes 

Izabel Goulart

Claudia Schiffer 

Jourdan Dunn

Joan Smalls working with Kendall on that Bellyy button on red carpet trend 

Alessandra Ambrosio was probably inspiered by this years Met Gala - and i love it 
Eva Herzigova 

Adriana Lima

Chanel Iman refreshing in red 


Juliette Binoche ...umm came like she is planning on going to the gym after ? 

I love Kristen Stewart,i really do ,but i do not love her style - my mother on the other hand would be sent back to her youtfull days in 80s and adore this ,no way
And i dont know what is going on with this one 

Cheryl Cole  tried with this one ...i can give her that...but not enough 

Blake Lively looks great in anything,but i just couldnt put this dresses anywhere else

Naomi Watts apparantly stole someone elses blazer for this look 

Kendall Jenner made it to this list also - i just dont get this dress that looks like a designer high school project 

Juliette Binoche - no,no,no

Juliane made it to the worst dressed list too - oh well ,you gotta have couple of those i guess

Julia ,if this was only fitted better

Vanessa Paradise should ask her doughter for style tips

I love Karolina,i just dont like this look

And Suki Waterhouse grabbed unfinished dress i supose


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