Friday, May 13, 2016

Eurovision 2016 FASHION

Eurovision tends to be interesting in terms of fashion sometimes even more than in music - some contestants really go all out and some simply have fun with it.

Lets see what this Eurovision contestants wore - and lets say who nailed it and who failed it!


I am going to start with my own girl - Sanja Vucic and her crew representing Serbia - they are bit costumy but thats totaly ok for Eurovision -  they look like Amazons  ... opinions on the www are split on the question of Serbian contestants fashion style ,but i like it - and no i dont like it because they are from Serbia - its actually quite trendy style they have - black,leather and fringe (and awsome hair)  !!

Belorussian cutie Ivan looked superb - he proved that details can make a big dif. look at those interesting lines on his face

Australia and Dami looked beautifle

Slovenia knows that with going simple you can never go wrong

I had to think for awhile where to put Bulgarian representative Poli Genova - in the end i decided that i like the style and will have to forgive the hair - btw some of the MET gala attenders should have taken a note from Poli - just saying

Once again i was in duel with myself where to put a contestant , Ukrainian Jamala had a great dress,but i didnt know what to think of those tights! I decided that dress is way to pretty to be outshined by those things on her legs.

I will just say i'd like Agnete to send me this crop top and maxi skirt,thank you!
Norway nailed it.

Albanian stylist team  sure knew how to compliment their representatives hair color - take a note people strawberry blonde and champaign do mix

If you are going ethno - go ethno as Greece did it,making it look super modern - both mens and womens wear!

The T shirt made all the diference here ! You see how simple it is to be fashionable,good job Freddie.

The hair on Nina is not my favest but the dress sure is a work of art - and once again a would be perfect for this years  MET gala Manus x Machine 
and i will have to post her red carpet dress here because - Nina rocked it

You cant go wrong with classical,and Netherlands knows it

And lets all agree that sexiest female contestan is Armenian Iveta Mukuchyan. And about her styling,the cape circled the whole thing and made it possible for her to be in this section!

San Marino has style - did anyone doubt that

Sergey Lazarev and Russia  went simle black and...lets be real his fashion is far behind his visuals,but i just love him so...

Czech-Republic on point - beautifle woman,beautifle dress

Cyprus - ummmm,you got A in style section

Austria and Zoe were such a dream

Once again you can not go wrong with classical,isnt that right Estonia?

Now i will have to forgive Azerbeijan their poorly dressed dancers and following vocals,because i love,love ,love what their representative Samra is wearing


Swiss are known as frugal people,but they could have found a better stylist for their representative Rykka , really. I like her hair and bottom of the dress to be completly honest...but the top ruined it all

Israels Star (as in Hovi Star)  did not shine - and that hair...just nononononononooooo

My other girl Kaliopi,representative of my lovely Macedonia,a woman wich i love and respect and i think she is one of the greatest vocalists we have here on Balkan - looked like a mess,whoever styled this beautifle woman - shame on you ,maybe i would have forgiven you the dress,but i could never forgive what you have done to her beautifle hair!

Lithuanian representative Donny left me...wondering in wich year were we?

Denmak sent some cute boys,but didnt bother with their style  much

Once again,wich year are we in?

Finland managed to outshine their wll dressed representative Sandhja with poorly dressed following vocals

Moldova -just  no,i am all for costumy but am not a fan of thin foil

Malta,Malta, are at Eurovision not at a prom

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